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to survive. the search continues for the suspects. >> howard county police tell us 16-year-old benjamin wortman died late last night. he's the teenager hit by an alleged drunk driver while riding his bike down route 108 in columbia friday. he had been on life support since the accident. police say he passed away just after 10:00 p.m. last night. meanwhile, the suspect in the case, 26-year-old aaron jacob lorsong is out of jail on $100,000 bond this morning. police say he was under the influence and in possession of heroin at the time of the incident. he was arrested at the scene. >> nearly two dozen neglected pets are getting attention this morning. the dogs were removed from a home in anne arundel county. the goal now is to get them healthy and adopted. >> rescued from deplorable conditions, it is hoped these sick and malnourished dogs will recover. >> no animal should ever look la like that ever. the animal didn't ask to live with us, we picked them to live with us. i think if you want to take on that responsibility, you should fully take on the responsibility and not let it get that
. ♪ ave maria >> he was given the gift of time and he used that gift to right as many wrongs as the years would allow. >> while it may have posed a challenge to my physical health it propped up my emotional health because it kept my father by my bedside. >> i love you, dad. i always will. i miss you already. ♪ for beautiful >> thank you for sharing the senator and so much of his life with us. >> just a few of the memorable moments from the funeral mass and buehrle for senator ted -- and burial for senator ted kennedy. >> 11 news washington bureau reporter nicole killion has our story. >> we begin in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit. >> family and friends of edward kennedy gathered for one last time to say good-bye. the senator's final words read in a letter, he said, to the pope just before he died. >> i know that i have been an imperfect human being, but with the help of my faith, i have tried to right my path. >> they capped off a day of farewell that through the streets of washington included an emotional stop at the nation's capitol. >> this country outpoured
the irvine nature center to tell us all about native plants. >> i'm on the planning committee fortunative plant seminar. we have a wonderful plant sale coming up saturday. we're having two speakers in the morning and four workshops in the afternoon. a plant sale from 7:30 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. >> and this has been going on a long time. >> this is the 18th annual native plant seminar. we have been doing this for quite a long time and really enjoy doing it and have had wonderful speakers over the years. >> it is a learning experience and an opportunity to do this in your back yard. >> a great source of native plants for one day, and it's a feeding frenzy if you are interested in native plants. >> next to carrie is a shrub that does well in this time of year. now is the time of year, shrubs, it is the time to put them in. >> it is a good time to put them in. this is an arrowwood viburnam. it is native to this part of the area. it has blooms in the spring that are good for pollinators and they are good for birds. >> it tolerates the summer heat? >> yes. >> that will work
're seeing more sun than we have seen for a day or stew. the presence of bill kept us murky yesterday. why and finally the humidity is going to go away. >> it is still there, but we will make progress by the end of the day, and it will take 24 hours to work through all these issues. we don't have as many issues as we had yesterday morning because most of the rain is off shore. a few showers out to the west. the actual rain falls more out over the atlantic at this time. the clouds are a bit more scattered. the front is still trying to move away. this stalled front-moving front which was here yesterday is still here this morning. so we'll talk about how quickly this thing will get out of our hair coming up with the insta-weather plus forecast. >> and remember, you can follow the storm on our web site. you can pin point wet weather down to your very own street. go to you'll find it on the home page. >> hurricane bill passed the u.s. yesterday. >> and even though it did not make landfall, many on the east coast are still feeling the effects. >> on the island of bermuda hurricane bi
live h.d. doppler radar. it is more of an issue for those on the peninsula than it is for those of us west of the bay. we have partly cloudy skiesment our temperatures are -- cloudy skies. our temperatures are a little cooler now. the activity is pulling away from us. there are also isolated and scattered showers in the mountains of virginia and west virginia at this time. at least there are some breaks in the clouds, and some less humid air is beginning to filter into the area. i'll bring all the details coming up with the insta-weather plus for the rest of the weekend in just a minute. >> thank you, john. remember, you can follow the storms on our web site. you can pinpoint weather down to your own street. go to and you'll find it on the home page. >> hurricane bill passed bermuda with just a glancing blow yesterday. >> even though that hurricane is not expected to make a u.s. landfall, many are still feeling the effects. >> hurricane bill whipped up winds and surf. hundreds of miles away, huge and dangerous waves were also making their way to the u.s. mainland from massa
and thunderstog ans out west of us. howard county as well. and i just want the high -- i >st want to highlightcuery quickly that this thunderstorm warningric- for nearby aÃway jo untils onin the 80 this morning in effect north of us.  aore is likely today. we detail that with the forecast in just a minute. >> a bizarre investigation out of baltimore city. police say an officer an Ãjlz empted burglary suspect caught in the act. >> the story takes a strange twist. 1er tneast ranymorter melissa cn explains. >> it was >st apecer 4in the 8: when ohemicers in the 4700 bloc of garrison boulevard noticed an Ãjllag an at shon's food mar junde a police spokesperson said officers i alsestigated and fou an alleged burnt ary in progres. >> upon entering the convenience store a suspect lunged at police. police officers fired one spot strs -ing the suspect in the head. >> a baltimore county e.m.s. unit aoulived and assessed the person shot. >> they pronounced him dead on the scene. >> the unit lf bt the scene and returned to service. >> the chif b says somepolic0 t minutes later, an e
seen all year move in today, tomorrow, and tuesday. seeing a few rain showers to the north of us still adding some humidity. downtown baltimore 74. 82 in ocean city and 76 out toward salisbury. partly cloudy. whenever we have this much heat and humidity, we run the risk of a late afternoon thunderstorm. 91 and 96. that's the thermometer. more of this is on the way, and we'll talk about your full seven-day forecast coming up. >> now on to our big story this morning. we're learning more about the victims of a carroll county plane crash. >> that plane went down yesterday morning at 7:30 near the keymar airport. we get the latest on the investigation from kim dacey. >> i heard him takeoff. everything seemed normal. >> saturday morning everything was but normal. the owner of keymar airport in carroll county got a visit from police telling him the plane he heard had crashed around 7:30 minutes after take-off in a field a quarter mile from the airport. >> troopers found this airplane in this field. two people on board. both deceased. the medical examiner pronounced them dead. >> i saw it was
'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm kate amara. thanks for being with us this morning. we'll get to our top stories in just a moment but we'll start by taking a look outside with jim nichols who is in for john collins. >> you know, we have had some good timing this summer as far as good weather on weekends. we it yesterday and we'll have it again today where we saw a lot of sunshine and warm weather. today is going to be a repeat. if you like sunshine, today is going to be a day for you. dealing with 74 downtown. warmer temperatures because of all the concrete and the blacktop tends to hold the heat in. 69 in ocean city. 63 out toward salisbury. for the day, just a few clouds. it is going to be a pleasant day. 82 to 86 degrees today. we'll talk about how long this pleasant weather pattern will continue plus the latest on now two tropical storms. we'll talk about anna and bill in your full forecast. that's coming up in just a little bit. >> our big story this morning comes out of baltimore city where police are investigating a double shooting that happened in the inner harbor. >> it happened
have only located the helicopter wreckage. >> they are using sonar to locate the airplane. the >> the victim a pilot and five italian tourists on board the helicopter. on the plane, two passengers including a child. soon after the crash, officials say it was clear no one could have survived. >> this has changed from a rescue to a recovery mission. >> it was a clear day with flying conditions nearly ideal. investigators say the helicopter owned by liberty tours took off from the manhattan heliport. the small plane departed from new jersey. witnesses say it appeared the plane clipped the helicopter's tail. >> it went right in, and it was a splash and it was completely submerged, and it was just like that, nothing else. >> refueling at the heliport he tried to warn his colleague. >> he radioed him and told him 1-liamia-hotel, you have a fixed wing behind you. there was no response from the pilot. >> the planes were flying below 1,000 feet and pilots are not required to maintain radio contact. normal operating procedure in this busy hudson river corridor. along with the invest
that was retaliation for the killing of another teenager, christian jones. >> the u.s. house is headed home and the senate isn't far behind. they will first try to extend the cash-for-clunkers program. meantime, they are battling health care. brian mooar with that story from washington. >> if i want to know how tough times are, go to kansas city, kansas, where 3,000 people showed up for a school supply give-away. or nashville, where the local humane society is in such bad shape, it can't afford to take in more animals. president obama is hoping the latest economic numbers are a reason to be optimistic. >> the in the last few months the economy has done better than expected. >> he promises that will eventually mean more jobs. >> that's when it will feel like recovery to the american people. >> the auto industry is enjoying a boon thanks to washington's cash-for-clunkers program. the sudden surge in business caught congress off gathered and the $1 -- off guard, and the $1 billion budget was blown in days. the senate will try to seal another deal before heading home for the august recess. the
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10